How to handle a suspicious order in 3 simple steps 1

How to handle a suspicious order in 3 simple steps

In our years working along-side merchants this question is something that has come up time and time again. “Hey Boss Creative, We’ve received an order that looks suspicious, what do we do?”

Credit Card Fraud is on the rise with more and more merchants falling victim and if you do, 9 times out of 10 the bank favours against you (the merchant) and you’re left to try and recoup your loss.

What do you do? Well here’s the down-low on how to spot a suspicious order, how to deal with it and what to do if you fall victim.

Well here’s the down-low on how to spot a suspicious order, how to deal with it and what to do if you fall victim.

We’ve created an email template you can use when reaching out to the customer:

  1. State that the order has been flagged in the system and you need further information to process it.
  2. Re-assure the customer that it’s in their interest and you are protecting them as well as yourself.
  3. Request for Photo ID and a picture of the Credit/Debit card used to place the order, covering all but the last 4 digits. Make this part of your Term’s and Condition’s of sale.

You’ve sent the email to the customer and..

They replied
and provided the information I asked for.
That’s great news. If it all looks good and the name of the ID and Credit/Debit Card matches then the risk of the order being fraudulent is lower. (It doesn’t completely mitigate the risk)

~ You will now have to make a decision whether to process or cancel the order.

– and they do not want to provide ID.
Some customers may feel it’s a violation of their privacy, and I don’t blame them as a lot of companies do misuse private information but you need to stick to your guns. It’s in the interest of your business and the customer.

~ You will now have to make a decision whether to process or cancel the order.

They haven’t replied, How long do I wait?

Good question. As a rule of thumb we normally suggest up to 72hours to respond, after that we advise the merchant to refund the order as no response is another red flag.

Boss Creative Managed WordPress Hosting 2

Boss Creative Managed WordPress Hosting

Boss Creative Agency was born with a vision to break the ‘technical’ barrier involved in building and managing your online presence. So let’s dive straight into our main service, Managed WordPress Website Hosting.

What’s hot, What’s not.

There is an abundance of hosting options out there but for a successful website you really need a host that is Fast, Secure and Reliable and just as importantly has great customer support for if something is to go wrong.

Avoid shared hosting, “unlimited” plans (they are far from unlimited) and those $1.99/Month plans that promise the world. I can tell you from our short 5 years in the space, we have had to recover a LOT of websites from these cheap hosting environments wether it’s been the website was hacked, too slow to visit or the worst.. deleted by the hosting company themselves for over-using their “unlimited” plan.

Spend a bit more now, and it’ll save you in the long run.

Boss Creative provide hosting you can rely on and we’re proud to be biased about it. It’s Fast, it’s secure and it’s damn reliable. In-fact we’ve had ZERO unplanned downtime across all of our clients sites, yeah that’s right.. ZERO. NADDA.

Why trust Boss Creative.

We focus on great website builds, maintenance & support but with one of our main services being Managed Hosting, it probably has you wondering why you should trust us to host your WordPress Website.

We don’t have our own servers, we’ve left that to the experts in hosting so we partnered with Kinsta, a Managed WordPress Host. They provide you with a Fast, Secure and Reliable website, and give us all the tools we need to maintain your website efficiently and by using us, your websites in safe hands with Kinsta.

Kinsta standout features:
– Kinsta is powered by Google Cloud Platform
– Regular Uptime Checks (720 per day to be exact)
– Always Backed Up (Daily Backups Included)
– Server-level caching (Blazing Fast Website)
– Hack Guarantee (If your website gets hacked, they’ll fix it)

Want to see all Kinsta’s Features? Click Here!

So the question still stands, why Boss Creative? I could go straight to Kinsta.

It’s true, you can go straight to Kinsta and if you are a little more tech savvy, we even encourage it. You can check out Kinsta Plans here: Click Me!

Kinsta compliments our service of managing your online presence, this means more than just your website. We can manage your presence on Social Media, Search Engines, Review & Directory sites.

By hosting through Boss Creative we have direct and fast access to your site and all the technical tools needed to manage it which saves us time, and in turn saves you money and if that’s not enough, because we have all our clients sites with Kinsta we can provide you with higher tier features that you won’t get on their lower plans.

Still have questions? Email me, I’d be happy to discuss it: